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EQGC Research Project

Today, when the wave of globalisation is remarkable, globalisation of core specialists who are top talents in the overseas affiliate of companies and the talents of domestic small and medium enterprises that develop global business is desired. Kyushu University was commissioned the project by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology commissioned in Fiscal 2017. In this project, the appropriate programmes to develop core specialists who can play active roles in global economic and social environment will be explored. And development and research on education and training systems, and qualifications frameworks to enhance global availability of the programmes will be conducted. "Consortium for global professionals" in Kyushu University researches human resource development of core specialists reacting global social needs and examines following four issues.

  • 1. We compare national qualifications frameworks corresponding to the needs in the global society.
  • 2. We clarify the needs of companies about the specialists who can play core roles in the future industry in the global society.
  • 3. Focusing on the fields of long-term care, childcare, food/cooking, dressmaking/design/art, IT, tourism, and commerce/business, we develop the vocational education programmes and examine the feasibility of qualifications frameworks.
  • 4. While sharing the efforts and achievements of developing core specialists in Japan, we should consider flexible and moveable education models in education and labourur market using cross-sectoral basis.

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