Keiichi Yoshimoto, Director, Professor attended and gave a lecture the results of his research work at the 2nd international conference “EXLIMA-2015” in Indonesia.

The 2nd international conference “ Experiences with Link and Match in Higher and Vocational Education. Results of Tracer Studies Worldwide” (EXLIMA-2015) was held in Bali, Indonesia, from November 25 to 26, 2015. Keiichi Yoshimoto, Director, Professor did lecture about“Non-University Higher Education and Graduates' Career Formation -Field-adaptive Web Survey- ”and exchange the discussion. We were able to exchange opinions deeply with researchers around the world.
The international conference EXLIMA 2015 aims at serving the exchange of information on tracer studies both methodologically and content-wise: The relationships between education and the world of work is one of the current key issues of education policy and practice. This international conference continues and deepens the work of the first international tracer study conference which was held in Bali 2012 with more than 300 participants from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. The conference was accompanied by workshops and a meeting of the International Network of Tracer Studies (INGRADNET).

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