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Takuya Kimura

Takuya Kimura
Organization Division for Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Science
Academic Degree Tohoku University, Graduate School of Education, Ph. D, 2009March

Tohoku University, Graduate School of Educational Informatics, 2005April-2007March

Tokyo University, Graduate School of Education, M. A, 2001April-2005March


2007-8 Assistant Professor, Kyoto University

2008-12 Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Nagasaki University

2012-present Associate Professor, Kyushu University

Major Educational Planning,Educational Measurement
Research thema The Validity for Testing system
Keyword University entrance examination, Academic Career, Qualification, Career-path select
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Research Activity: T. KIMURA, 2007:「University Entrance Examinations and "Comprehensive and Multi-Dimensional Evaluation" Reexamination of the Scientific Basis of the 1971 Report, The journal of educational sociology 80, 165-186.

T. KIMURA,D. Nisigouri & R. Yamada., 2009:「Measurement of effects on college education including information about articulation from high school to college: a suggestion for a follow-up study using latent class analysis, Japanese journal of higher education research,12, 189-214.

T. KIMURA, 2010:「Quantitative analysis about the professional training of testing in Japan, Japanese journal for research on testing, 6(1), 29-49.

T. KIMURA, 2012:Present Condition of Various University Entrance Examination Systems in Japan : Admission Officer's Viewpoint at the Crossroads of Ideal and Reality, Japanese journal of educational system and organization, 19, 37-52.

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