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Professor Keiichi Yoshimoto

Keiichi Yoshimoto

Distinguished Professor ,Director,Research Centre for Tertiary Education and Qualifications, Kyushu University . Program Officer, Research centre for Science Systems, Japan Society for The Promotion of Science. President of Japan Society of Internship and Work Integrated Learning. Board member of Japanese Association of Higher Education Research.
Keiichi Yoshimoto was born in1954, graduated from Faculty of Education, University of Tokyo, left Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo in 1985 and received the degree of Ph.D. in Education (Kyushu University) in 2005. After working in National Institute of Employment and Vocational Research and National Institute of Multimedia Education, he moved to Kyushu University

[Professional experiences] - national coordinator or author of country papers of both OECD projects; ‘Transition from Initial Education to Working Life’(1996-2000) and ‘National Qualification Framework for Promoting Lifelong Learning’ coordinated by Dr. Patrick Werquin (2002-2004)
- national coordinator of both of graduate surveys; the CHEERS project (1998-2000) coordinated by professor Ulrich Teichler and the REFLEX project (2004-2007)

[Publications] Keiichi Yoshimoto eds. “Flexibility and Professionalization: Comparison of Higher Education and Career Formation among European Countries and Japan”, Higher Education Research Series, No.109, Hiroshima University (2010) in Japanese
‘Special Training Colleges and the Higher Vocational Education System’, Daigaku Ronshu, Hiroshima University (2009) in Japanese

Jim Allen, Yuki Inenaga, Rolf van der Velden and Keiichi Yoshimoto eds.(2007) “Competencies, Higher Education and Careers in Japan and the Netherlands”, Kluwer Academic Publishers Keiichi Yoshimoto, Yuki Inenaga, and Hiroshi Yamada (2007) ‘Pedagogy and Andragogy in Higher Education - a comparison among Germany, the UK and Japan-’, “European Journal of Education”, Blackwell Publishing, vol.42, No.1, pp.71-94

Keiichi Yoshimoto (2007) ‘Training and Wandering of University Graduates in Germany and Japan’, Barbara Kehm ed., “Looking Back to Look Forward”, Werkstattbereichte 67, INCHER, Kassel University, pp.139-157

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