The Background and Purpose of centre

The background and purpose of establishment of RTEQ

We, today, rapidly in the tertiary education around the world has expanded and diversified, empirically grasp the improvement and assurance of functional differentiation and quality of the purpose, methods, control.
And, especially in the tertiary education each sector of Japan, program innovation trends in the institutional level, developed for such quality assurance policy at the macro level, and has as its object to make a policy scientific exploration. And Keiichi Yoshimoto, Director, Professor is named Director of the Research Centre for Tertiary Education and Qualifications.
OECD, UNESCO, as such as the East Asia Summit (EAS) is attention, towards the spread of the tertiary education, including the non-university sector, the study of the institutional and functional form is important in countries around the world it has become a challenge, in the present centre, tertiary education theoretical grasp of the system with a focus on vocational education, and recommended the actual conditions, the aim of the formation of the international advanced research centres leading the policy debate .
Meanwhile, in order to prepare the comprehensive system of Education and research of development of ‘tertiary education’, we decided to establish this donated fund laboratory with donations from The Jikei Group of Colleges with a wealth of educational and research experience in the growth fields innovating rapidly from the educational point of view.

International workshop on Tertiary Education and Qualifications in 2014

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